Institutional & HRD Projects

GPA and its associates have held positions and undertaken a range of projects on institutional strengthening of government departments, treaty partners, industry organisations and other non-government organisations. We have been highly active active in the training and education sector providing training in fisheries and environment, technical and vocational education and training (TVET), and tertiary education delivered at universities in Australia and New Zealand. GPA has run a wide range of workshops and training missions designed to strengthen the skills of staff so they can better deliver their services to the community.

Start dateEnd dateRoleEmployment / ProjectClientCountries
20212022Institutional strengthening, Delivery of training in fishery-related fieldsTobwaan Wara programme of fisheries development and managementGovernment of Kiribati, MFATKiribati
20212022Human resources and trainingA study of the constraints to the career advancement of Pacific Island fishery professionalsPew Charitable TrustsPacific
20212021Production of a booklet on the strengthening of small-scale fisher associationsFish FAD projectFAOPacific
20202021Preparation of a manual on Nearshore Fishing Methods for Pacific Island FishersRegional fisheries supportSPCPacific
20202020Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning AdviserPacific American Fund scholarship programme for PacificUSAIDPacific
20192021Institutional strengtheningAdvisory services to the Vanuatu Fisheries DepartmentGovernment of Vanuatu, MFATVanuatu
20192019Institutional strengtheningProduction of a model annual report for the Ministry of FisheriesPackard FoundationFiji
20182021Institutional strengtheningKiribati Fisheries Human Resource DevelopmentGovernment of Kiribati, MFATKiribati
2015OngoingInstitutional strengthening; Fisheries Advisers, including training on a wide range of required skillsAdvisers for Fisheries Support ProgrammeTuvalu Government, MFAT, GEF, World BankTuvalu
20152017Training, M&EConservation of ecosystem services of the Fanga'uta Lagoon Catchment on the island of TongatapuGovernment of Tonga, UNDP, GEFTonga
20152015Training on how to conduct Environmental Impact AssessmentsMeeting Tonga's responsibilities under environmental legislation and treatiesGovernment of Tonga, MFAT, TBECTonga
20152015Training for longline skippersSolomon Islands bycatch handling and release, data recording and regulatory requirementsNational Fisheries Developments, Ltd.Solomon Is.
20142016Institutional StrengtheningKiribati Fisheries Training Strengthening ProgrammeGovernment of Kiribati, MFATKiribati
20142014Training for longline skippersBycatch handling and release for longline captainsCook Islands Ministry of Marine ResourcesCook Is.
20142014Institutional strengtheningImprovements to the management of the bagan/anchovy fisheriesInternational Pole-and-Line FoundationIndonesia
20142014Training for longline skippersBycatch handling and release for longline captainsLuen Thai Fishing Venture, IncMarshall Is.
20132013Institutional strengethingBuilding capacity of ACP member states of the SPC in fisheries information communicationACP SecretariatPacific
20122014Monitoring and evaluation (M&E), data management system, surveys, database construction, trainingKiribati Technical Vocational Education and Training Sector Strengthening Program (TVETSSP)Government of Kiribati, DFATKiribati
20122013Institutional strengtheningTuvalu Fisheries Sector Institutional Strengthening Programme, inceptionGovernment of Tuvalu, MFATTuvalu
20122012Environmental audit and audit training for national staffCapacity-building of Tuvaluan Environment, Home Affairs, Fisheries and Works Department for Reef Channels ProjectGovernment of Tuvalu, MFATTuvalu
20112013Creation of Creel and Market Survey ManualsRegional fisheries supportSPCPacific
20112011Expert adviser, trainerworkshop on data collection and stock assessment of deepwater snappers in Pacific islandsSPCPacific
20102010Planning and implementing workshopDevelopment and management of tuna resources in PakistanFAOPakistan
20102010Institutional strengtheningInvestigation of employment opportunities for Pacific islanders onboard foreign fishing vessels operating in the WCPOFFAEast Asia
20102010Institutional strengtheningFormulation of a program of crewing by Pacific Islanders on foreign fishing vesselsWorld Bank, Parties to the Nauru AgreementPacific
20092010Management of Project, including 78 TA missions, workshops and training. Management of 17 supply contractsStrengthening Fishery Products Health Conditions in ACP/ OCT countriesEU, ACP SecretariatACP states, Dutch and British overseas territories
20092009Workshop training for fisheries administrations and training institutionsMitigation of bycatch in WCPO tuna fisheriesSPCPacific
20082009Review of approaches and lesson learned for institutional strengthening/ fisheries capacity-buildingInstitution strengthening for fisheries in 3 Pacific countriesFFAKiribati, Tuvalu, Marshall Is.
20082008Scoping studyInstitutional strengthening project in the Tuvalu fisheries sectorFFATuvalu
20082008WorkshopTurtle-Fishery Interactions in Pacific Island Tuna FisheriesFFAPacific
20082008WorkshopTurtle-Fishery Interactions in Pacific Island Tuna FisheriesFFAPacific
20082008EIA training for Environment StaffSolomon Islands Road Improvement Programme (SIRIP)Government of Solomon Is, ADB, DFAT, MFAT, CardnoSolomon Islands
20082008Training for national staff to carry out environmental assessments suitable for emergency response after the tsunamiSolomon Islands Emergency Assistance Project (SIEAP)Government of Solomon Is., ADB, EU, CardnoSolomon Is.
20082008TrainingFisheries observer training and longline industry bycatch issues awarenessNOAACook Is., American Samoa
20082008TrainingFisheries observer training and longline industry bycatch issues awarenessNOAAFiji
20082008TrainingFisheries observer training and longline industry bycatch issues awarenessWWF Vietnam and Ibromar BVVietnam
20072011Trainer, Data manager, AnalystAustralia Pacific Technical College (APTC)DFATFiji, PNG, Samoa, Vanuatu
20072008Design of Institutional strengthening projectKiribati Fisheries sectorFFAKiribati
20072008Institutional strengtheningDevelopment and documentation of competency standards for the establishment of a Pacific Island Regional Fisheries Observer qualificationFFA, SPCPacific
20072008Institutional strengtheningLicensing arrangements and develop a national environmental and management policy framework for pearl farmingWorld Fisheries Centre (WorldFish)Solomon Is.
20072007TrainingEU Fishery and Aquaculture LegislationAETS / European Union (DG SANCO – Consumer Health and Protection)Mauritius, UAE, Vietnam
20072007WorkshopLessons learned from fisheries institutional strengthening project in the Pacific Islands regionFFAPacific
20072007WorkshopLessons learned from fisheries institutional strengthening project in the Pacific Islands regionFFAPacific
20072007TrainingFisheries observer training and longline industry bycatch issues awarenessNOAAPalau
20072007TrainingFisheries observer training and longline industry bycatch issues awarenessNOAANew Caledonia
20062007Scoping studyInstitutional strengthening project for the Nauru Fisheries and Marine Resources AgencyFFANauru
20062006WorkshopManagement approaches and systems for sea cucumber fisheries and manual on best practicesACIARPNG, Pacific
20062006Design scoping studyCapacity-building strategy for the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Management Commission (WCPFC)FFAPacific
20062006WorkshopSeafood value-addingIFCPNG
20062006WorkshopWomen in fisheries business trainingIFCPNG
20062006TrainingStrategic planning and capacity building for PNG Surf AssociationIFCPNG
20062006Training needs analysisTraining needs of the fisheries sector in Papua New GuineaPNG NFAPNG
20062006Training needs analysisFisheries business management training in PolynesiaSPCPolynesia
20052006Development of form and contentReef fisheries management information portalWorld Fisheries Centre (WorldFish)Pacific, Global
20052005Institutional strengtheningStrengthening Yap State government services in coastal resources managementInternational Waters Project, SPREPFSM
20052005TrainingTraining of outer island data collectors in sea turtle life history, measuring, biopsy protocols for DNA sampling, and record keepingNOAAMarshall Is.
20052005TrainingFisheries observer training and industry awareness, sea turtle by-catch mitigationNOAAPNG
20052005Institutional strengtheningDevelopment of a strategic plan for the Papua New Guinea Diving AssociationPacific Enterprise Development Facility of the IFCPNG
20052005TrainingCommercialisation of Seaweed Production in Solomon IslandsSolomon Is. Government, EUSolomon Is.
20052005Workshopmeeting to determine the form and content of a reef fisheries management information portalWorld Fisheries Centre (WorldFish)Global
20052005Training, industry awarenessLongline turtle bycatch mortality mitigationWWFIndonesia
20042005TrainingWomen in fisheries training on seafood value addingPacific Enterprise Development Facility of the IFCPNG
20032003TrainingNational Fisheries College Strengthening ProjectDFAT, ACILPapua New Guinea
20032003Training and project reviewIndonesia’s Coral Reef Management and Rehabilitation ProjectDFAT, GHDIndonesia
20022004Information, Education and Communications SpecialistInstitutional strengthening/ capacity-building for the Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources and agenciesAsian Development Bank (ADB)Sri Lanka
19992007Institutional strengthening; Training to improve fisheries management capacity of National Fisheries Authority (NFA) and local levels of government (LLGs)Coastal Fisheries Management and Development Project (CFMDP) phases I and IIGovernment of PNG, ADBPapua New Guinea
19992000Training in monitoringTuvalu Waste Management ProjectGovernment of Tuvalu, Golder & Assoc.Tuvalu
19991999Preparation of English and French handbooksDeep-Bottom Fishing in the Pacific Islands RegionSPCPacific
19982001Institutional strengthening and training coursesTonga Environmental Planning and Management Strengthening Project (TEMPP)Government of Tonga, DFAT, AIMS, Hassall and AMSATTonga
19981998Preparation of English and French handbooksVertical Longlining and other methods of fishing around fish aggregation devices (FADs)SPCPacific
19981998Preparation of English and French handbooksFish Aggregation Device Site Survey and Deployment ProceduresSPCPacific
19971999Trainer in environmental monitoringFunafuti Marine Conservation Area Monitoring & Training ProjectGovernment of Tuvalu, SPREPTuvalu
19951995Training on EIA and marine biologyJICA Marine Environment Course and Fisheries Development Planning SeminarJICAJapan
19941995Training for Fisheries, Environmental and Medical staffCiguatera monitoring and management in the Cook Is.Government of Cook Is., FFACook Is.
19931994Training for Fisheries, Environmental and Medical staffCiguatera Monitoring & Management in Tuvalu, refresherGovernment of Tuvalu, MFATTuvalu
19921997LecturingTertiary education in biometrics and ecologyJames Cook University, Department of Marine BiologyAustralia
19901990Tutoring / lecturingPostdoctoral fellow with education in biometrics and reading journalsAuckland University, Department of ZoologyNew Zealand
19881988Training on ciguatera monitoringCiguatera Monitoring in TuvaluGovernment of Tuvalu, MFATTuvalu
19851988Tutoring / lecturingPart time staff; summer school in marine biology, tutoring of 2nd year studentsSydney University and Workers Education Association (WEA)Australia