Fishing Methods Manuals (SPC 1987-2021)

GPA has been contracted by the Pacific Community (SPC) to produce a range of education and training books for coastal fishers, to help improve catches and economic returns from their operations. Subjects of the manuals have included trolling, deep bottom fishing, Vertical Longline Fishing, and Nearshore Fishing Techniques. In 2020-2021 SPC, as part of its regional support programme, engaged GPA to produce an easy reference manual on fishing methods for fishers. This manual is currently in press and will shortly be available for fishers. Some of the material in the manuals has now been used by SPC as the basis for a series of short educational videos on YouTube.

To address the growing need to provide alternative livelihood options to Pacific Island fishing communities, the Pacific Community has developed an information toolkit on nearshore fishing practices, focusing on the more resilient pelagic species. This toolkit includes a series of training videos. This project was produced with financial support from the European Union, the Government of Sweden, and the New Zealand Aid Programme.