Tobwaan Wara (Phase 2) Programme of Fisheries Development & Management (MFAT 2020-2022)

The Tobwaan Wara project was a 4-year MFAT-funded project which aimed to promote improved management of, and economic returns from, fisheries in Kiribati.

GPA undertook design work on the project, formulated a human resource development plan for the Kiribati fisheries sector, and provided overall project management services. The project supported a large number of educational and training activities, including:

  • The preparation of schoolteacher resource kits;
  • Community training in fishery post-harvest production and value-adding;
  • Training of fisheries observers;
  • Monitoring, Control and Surveillance (MCS) training; and
  • Training of village wardens.

During 2021 alone, a total of 586 people received training from the project.