Hugh Walton

Contact Information:

Postal address:          41 Mount Street, Nelson, 7010, New Zealand
Telephone:                 +64 27 506 0498
Skype:                          hugh.walton_1


New Zealand


Forty years of diverse work experience across the fisheries and marine resource sector in the Pacific region across fishing operations, fisheries development, fisheries management and MCS. Considerable experience in fisheries context organizational management, institutional strengthening, education and training and project management with a primary focus on marine and fisheries training, resource management and development in Pacific Islands. Working experience in diverse employment environments including:

  • Fisheries and marine resource project management and development lead and advisory roles in Pacific national and regional contexts
  • Advisory roles in fisheries trade, market access and tractability
  • Leadership roles in marine and fisheries tertiary and technical training
  • Policy development roles across MCS, Fisheries Management and emerging technology
  • Management roles in procurement and contract management in aid projects
  • Community, organizational development and human resource development advisory roles across fisheries and marine resource organisations
  • Management and teaching positions in university and technical tertiary education institutions in fisheries matters
  • Self employment in commercial fishing, contracting and consultancy
  • Seafood industry company management
  • Operational employment (vessels) in Government fisheries research
  • Commercial fishing (small-scale and industrial);
Key skills:
  • Project management
  • Marine resource and fisheries technical reporting and documentation
  • Strategic planning and organizational development
  • Fisheries and marine resource policy development and application
  • Organsational review and change management for public and private sector organizations across the fisheries sector
  • Project planning, organisation and management including financial management, administration and project implementation
  • Strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting including logframe development and monitoring
  • Development, management, and implementation of fisheries and marine resource technical training and education courses and programs, curriculum and resources, projects and institutions
  • Training needs assessment and human resource development planning for development
  • Community resource management and development planning
  • Marine resource management and development planning
  • Commercial fisheries operations, economic analysis and evaluation, particularly in relation to small and medium scale fisheries for demersal and pelagic species
  • Community fisheries management program development and implementation
  • Competency based training system development and implementation
  • Project proposal development and sourcing project funding