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Professional Summary

Robert Doyle GILLETT

Contact information:

Postal address: P. O. Box 3344, Lami, Suva, Fiji
Telephone: (679) 336-2855
E-mail: and
Skype address: rgillett1


More than 35 years fisheries and marine resource sector work experience with national governments, regional technical assistance agencies, international organisations and private consultancy companies in 35 countries.

Projects and assignments:

Over 150 major projects and assignments in fisheries undertaken for a variety of clients including the United Nations Development Programme, South Pacific Commission, Forum Fisheries Agency, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Bank, United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Fishing News International, the Government of the Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, the University of the South Pacific, South Pacific Project Facility of the International Finance Corporation, the Australian Agency for International Development, the Nature Conservancy, the South Pacific Forum Secretariat, the Commonwealth Development Corporation, the Asian Development Bank, the European Commission, Commonwealth Secretariat, WorldFish Center, the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission, the Worldwide Fund for Nature, the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission, International Sustainable Seafood Foundation and the Marine Stewardship Council.


Author/co-author of over 300 publications, books, and technical reports on fisheries.

Key skills:

Identification, formulation and management of fisheries development and management projects

Scientific knowledge of a wide range of fisheries-related issues, including fishery biology, tropical ecosystems, aquaculture, resource enhancement, coastal zone management, and conservation of coastal habitats

Fisheries development planning

Village-based marine conservation

Project evaluations

Tuna fisheries, shrimp fisheries

Small-scale fisheries

Fisheries institution strengthening

Fisheries development "troubleshooting"

Leadership of multi-disciplinary consultancy teams

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